What is a P-Shot (PRP-Shot)?

A penile Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) shot, also known as the "P-Shot," is a medical procedure that utilizes the healing properties of PRP to enhance sexual function and overall well-being in the genital area. PRP is derived from your blood and contains growth factors that promote tissue regeneration and healing. This innovative treatment is designed to address various sexual health concerns by stimulating the body's natural healing mechanisms.

The P-Shot is a popular way to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. It can be performed in other parts of the body, but when performed in the penis, it can greatly assist in erection quality. 

PRP Shots can improve tissue elasticity and enhance sensitivity. This leads to improved sexual pleasure and function. The PRP is carefully injected into the targeted areas, often with the use of local anesthesia to minimize discomfort.

The form and function of your penis can have a dramatic effect on your relationships. Being unable to achieve or maintain a satisfactory erection or even feeling that the size of your penis is inadequate can affect your self-esteem in and out of the bedroom.

A Solution for Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, and Penis Girth

The resulting benefits typically include tissue growth that increases the development of new blood vessels and improved circulation within the penis, firmer erections, increased sensation and pleasure, and enhanced sexual performance. 

The PRP Shot is designed to deliver lasting improvements in sexual performance for men, especially in those who have lost function due to an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, the after-effects of surgery, drug side effects, and other conditions, including diabetes.

The growth factors in platelet-rich plasma aid in tissue regeneration (neogenesis). The body reacts to the localized PRP injection site, stimulating the growth of new cells and erectile tissue. Some men have even experienced an increase in penis length and girth after getting the p-shot. 

Unlike many of the other treatments for male sexual dysfunction, the PRP Shot is a stress-free treatment. You don't have to fear side effects, such as stroke, headaches, heart attacks, or erections that last for hours. Many men experience added benefits from the therapy, achieving not only improved sexual function but a boost in desire as well.

How Does the PRP Shot Work?

The PRP Shot procedure begins with a quick and easy blood draw. Then, using a proprietary technique, the growth factors are extracted from the blood and concentrated into the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). The PRP is then injected into areas of the penis that are most important for sexual response. 

For men, the P-Shot involves injecting PRP into specific areas of the penis, including the shaft and glans. This treatment is intended to address concerns like erectile dysfunction, diminished sexual performance, and even penile curvature caused by Peyronie's disease.

By promoting tissue rejuvenation and improved blood flow, the P-Shot may contribute to firmer erections, increased stamina, and potentially enhanced overall sexual satisfaction. At Happy Valley Clinic, we generally only do PRP shots coupled with our regular treatment program.

Some men report changes in the girth and length of the penis. Many of these benefits are experienced immediately after receiving the injection.

How Safe is the PRP Shot?

Because the treatment uses the patient's blood-derived plasma, it is non-allergenic and free of harmful side effects.

Does it Hurt?

The area is numbed with a local anesthetic cream before injection, yielding little or no discomfort during the procedure.


Treatment plans for optimal sexual wellness are tailored to suit each man's individual needs, and every man's experience will vary. Most men report these benefits following the procedure and post-treatment protocol:

Managing sexual dysfunction, along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, can open the doors for a fulfilling sexual life well into a man's 80s. 

We want to help you achieve your best sex life. If you have questions about the P-Shot or treatment at Happy Valley Clinic, call us at 833-336-6386.

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