Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

The Truth Behind Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.)

E.D. is both extremely common and immediately treatable. Approximately 52% of men experience some form of E.D. in their lifetime. Lots of men are looking for a solution for Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, and Penis Girth, form, and function. How do you know when you're genuinely experiencing erectile dysfunction?

The basic definition of erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection firm enough for sex. If this occurs frequently, it can stress you, your relationship, or your self-confidence, so seeking help is critical.

For many men, the most challenging part of treating erectile dysfunction (E.D.) is talking about it. Some men may feel reluctant to speak to a healthcare professional about what they are experiencing. There is no reason to be embarrassed. The team at Happy Valley Clinic is very empathetic and will find a solution that works for you.

What Causes E.D.?

In many cases, erectile dysfunction may be a sign of an underlying issue, especially problems with your heart, metabolism, or vascular system. Investigating the cause of your E.D. could be the first step to treating your heart disease, diabetes, neurological issues, or other conditions.

If you have diabetes, heart disease, or a similar condition, don't ignore E.D., as it could be a warning sign of other symptoms to come.

Some of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction include

Psychological conditions can also play a significant role in causing erectile dysfunction. Some of the most common psychological factors include depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. Stress may also be a factor, as well as relationship problems. For more information on this subject, please visit our web pages on Psychosexual Disorders and Sex Therapy

What are the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (E.D.) can manifest in various ways, and its symptoms can vary from person to person. However, common symptoms of erectile dysfunction may include:

It's essential to note that occasional difficulty with erections is common and doesn't necessarily indicate erectile dysfunction. However, please get in touch with us if the symptoms persist or become a consistent problem please contact us.

In many cases, men with erectile dysfunction:

In some cases, problems with ejaculation are to blame, such as premature ejaculation or the inability to ejaculate at all. 

How is erectile dysfunction treated?

There are various treatments for E.D., depending on the severity of your condition and the specific cause. The first step of treatment at Happy Valley Clinic is determining what underlying condition is to blame. 

If an underlying physical condition is the root cause of your E.D., treatments like focused shockwave therapy or intracavernous injection therapy can be highly effective. The most successful E.D. clinic has trained the team at Happy Valley Clinic in California.

If blood flow isn't to blame, combining treatments, including psychotherapy, with our highly experienced therapist can help you work with your partner to address and solve outstanding challenges. We will provide you with an action plan that can literally change your and your companion's lives.

Treatment Types

Focused Shockwave Therapy - The Best Non-invasive/Non-surgical Erectile Dysfunction ("E.D.") Treatment Available

Focused Shockwave therapy sends acoustic shockwaves into the vascular system within the penile shaft, which triggers a response within the body for the body to send in sequences of amino acids to recover the vascular system, regenerate existing blood vessels, and create new blood vessels (angiogenesis) breaking up plaque. Focused Shockwave Therapy is performed using the Duolith SD1 medical device.

Happy Valley Health Clinic is the only practitioner in Utah currently offering this breakthrough technology. This focused wave therapy improves the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction, including impaired blood vessels and poor blood flow.

Focused Shockwave therapy is safe, non-surgical, and non-invasive. Please visit our Focused Shockwave Therapy page to learn more about this revolutionary treatment.  

Pelvic Floor Strengthening - Emsella

Emsella is a safe, non-invasive, non-surgical method for treating incontinence and sexual function in men dealing with E.D. It uses magnetic pulses to strengthen the perineal region, improving erections and sexual satisfaction. To learn more about this treatment, visit our Emsella page.

P-Shot (Platelet Rich Plasma Shot - P.R.P. Shot)

The P-Shot is a procedure where platelet-rich plasma (P.R.P.) is injected into the penis to improve erectile function. It has yielded excellent results and has become a popular form of treatment for E.D. in recent years. To learn more about P.R.P. treatment, please visit our web page on the P-Shot.

Infrared Therapy - B.E.M.E.R.

B.E.M.E.R., or Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation, is a medical device and therapy system that utilizes pulsed electromagnetic field (P.E.M.F.) technology. The BEMER system is designed to improve microcirculation. For more information, please visit our BEMER page.

Male Hormone Therapy

At Happy Valley Clinic, we can address a number of hormonal issues. We can address issues like low testosterone and provide top-tier nutrition/supplementation depending on your needs, helping you feel your best! Learn more about Male Hormone Therapy.

Sex Therapy for Couples and Individuals

Psychological and emotional factors like stress, anxiety, and depression can also contribute to E.D. We can provide couples' and individual therapy to help resolve potential causes. For men, erections are both physiological and mental. Getting in the right mindset can be half the battle, and that's where we come in. If you'd like to learn more please visit our page about Sex Therapy.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy for erectile dysfunction (E.D.) involves using low-intensity red light to stimulate blood flow to the penis, potentially improving erectile function. When you begin treatment, we may provide you with a red light therapy device.

Vacuum Erectile Therapy

Vacuum erectile therapy for E.D. involves using a device to create negative pressure around the penis, drawing blood into the erectile tissues to produce an erection. We may provide you with a penis pump when you begin treatment to use at home to promote blood flow to your penis.

E.D. Medications

Our physician may prescribe E.D. medications in some instances. Still, it's important to note that many of our patients find that medication may no longer be a necessary tool to achieve and maintain an erection after treatment.

Penile Implants

Penile implants can be an effective way to treat E.D. in more severe cases. Check out our fantastic blog post all about Penile Implants.

Custom Treatment Plans

In the beginning, your doctors will discuss your lifestyle with you. Your treatment plans begin with ensuring that your diet and drinking habits are healthy. If you smoke, your doctor will suggest that you stop. Increasing your exercise can also help. 

Your doctor will also go over any prescription drugs you are taking. Never stop taking your prescriptions without talking to your doctor, but there may be alternatives available if one of your prescriptions is interfering with your sex life. After you and your doctor have discussed all possible non-invasive options, then it is time to talk about other treatment plans that may be more invasive. 

There are drug and hormone therapies, but also there are devices or surgical options. The oral prescription drugs to treat E.D. are called PDE5 inhibitors. These drugs increase penile blood flow. If you have normal nerve function in the penis, these pills will improve normal erectile responses. About 70% of men report having better erections when their treatment plans include these prescription drugs. The prescription would need to be taken about two hours before intercourse.

More Options

There are some rare cases when low testosterone levels are the culprit. When testosterone therapy is combined with the PDE5 inhibitors, patients can experience normal erections again. Treatment plans may also include more aggressive physical options such as vacuum erection devices, injection therapies, intraurethral therapy, or surgical treatment for penile implants. A vacuum erection device is a sort of pump that is used to suck blood into the penis.

This results in an erection that can last up to 30 minutes. About 75% of men properly trained with this device have good results. Treatment plans can also focus on injection therapy. 

Your doctor's office would provide self-injection lessons. This may sound difficult, but it is effective for about 85% of properly trained patients. However, since the nervous system does not regulate the election, it is possible to have a prolonged orgasm past the climax (Erections lasting between 2-4 hours should be treated in the Emergency Department). Treatment plans your doctor offers may also include intraurethral therapy. 

For this kind of therapy, a tiny medicated pill is placed into the urethra. This will allow you to avoid injection therapy, but it does not work quite as well as injections. With this therapy, prolonged erections of 2-4 hours should be treated in the emergency department.


Treatment plans that involve surgery involve the insertion of a penile implant or prosthesis. Of course, these surgeries come with risks, just like any surgery. However, they also have the highest rate of success and satisfaction among all treatment plans. The doctor can offer two different kinds of implants. 

Semi-rigid or bendable implants can be bent in the patient's desired direction. The other option is an inflatable implant; two fluid-filled cylinders that are controlled by a pump. This results in a natural feeling for the patient and partner.

In Closing

As you can see, there are many options when It comes to erectile dysfunction. With all the technology, there is almost no reason to suffer from this condition. It truly affects your self-image, confidence, and esteem.

If You're Struggling With ED, You're Not Alone

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We will perform a penile ultrasound, and you'll be given a shim score indicating the vascular health of your penis. Our physician will then give their treatment recommendations based on your results.

Contact us today for a private consultation. Of course, it will be discreet and packed with options to improve your health.

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