We love seeing our treatments improve relationships, self-confidence, and happiness. Sex plays a huge role in our mental, physical, and social wellbeing. Just like our name, we’re committed to the happiness of every patient that walks in the doors

Before our patients begin treatment they often express their frustrations with their conditions, and other treatments they’ve tried. During and after treatment it’s amazing to hear about how well it’s working for them.

Some see results faster than others, but our patients absolutely love Happy Valley Clinic! You don’t have to take our word for it though. Patients continue to rate Happy Valley Clinic with 5 stars on Google. You can view some of our patient testimonials below!

Video Testimonials

Testimonial: 65 Year Old Male with ED

Five years he has had ED. From age 60-65. Now because of the clinically effective treatments at Happy Valley Clinic he no longer suffers from ED and the sadness and struggles that came with it. With deeper communication and connection than they have ever known prior to this time in their lives together.

40 Year Old Diabetic Severe ED to Recovery

This 40 year old patient talks about dealing with diabetes and ED. He found great success with his Treatment at Happy Valley Clinic

15 Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Treatment

In this video, a patient discusses what it was like to receive hormone therapy at Happy Valley Clinic. Using bioidentical hormones, this patient saw great results.

Male, 43 from Hermiston Oregon talks about benefits of the Emsella Treatment!

Emsella works for men and women. From treating incontinence issues to improving sexual function the Emsella treatment has proven to be successful with so many patients.

Written Testimonials

Dave S.

As men get older, we produce less testosterone and lose a little of the pep that we used to have.

The Happy Valley Clinic was able to help me feel stronger, more energetic, and vigorous. The staff is wonderful.

McKinsley H.

They were so nice to my husband during this whole process. They were informative about what was going on and always ready to help.

There was an experience at the beginning where we talked to a therapist and that was too much for me, being a newlywed.

Cindy H.

Awesome results! Not only do I not pee myself when I sneeze or cough too hard but I can even jump on the trampoline! The Emsella seems to have even helped my external hemorrhoid issues.

One thing that is super nice is I used to have a painful heaviness during the beginning of my period, now there's no issues!

Kade D.

Brock is an amazing man and really took me under his wing to insure I got the care I needed.

The staffing at Happy Valley is so warm and welcoming. Would definitely recommend anyone who is in need of help to go visit them.

Dale C.

I’ve been treated very well by the staff. My experience with Happy Valley Clinics staff has been wonderful. My overall experience has been positive.

And unlike the other treatments done at other clinics, this one has provided POSITIVE RESULTS for me.  I would highly recommend those who suffer with ED to give this a try.

Mike J.

They took such great care of me. I was treated very well by everyone here. The care I was shown was great by everybody.

I would recommend Happy Valley Clinic.

Additional Videos

Happy Valley Clinic Patients

At Happy Valley Clinic our patients are the number one priority. We understand that seeking help for problems related to sexual health and wellness can be uncomfortable. We hope to put you at ease and begin working with you solve the issues you are facing.

Sexual Health & Wellness Consultation at Happy Valley Clinic

Happy Valley clinic offers free consultations to clients. You will need to answer some questions and discuss your issues with our sexual health and wellness experts.

You will get a tour of the clinic and see the different equipment at the facility and even get to try some of it out during your first visit free of charge.

What is Focused Shockwave Therapy?

What is What is Focused Shockwave Therapy and how can it help with Erectile Dysfunction?

What is the Emsella Chair?

The Emsella chair can help with urinary incontinence, stool incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and more. It's a painless way to better sexual health and wellness.

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